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Perfecting Horizons - To live a life with meaning
The perfecting horizon—in the sense of “Our horizon is doing more than merely progressing—it’s perfecting.”—is the perfecting horizon of the present universe age, as described in paragraphs 48:8.3 and 117:2.1 of The Urantia Book (TUB).
Perfecting Horizons refers to the “expanding cosmic horizons” (TUB 104:2.3), expanding in the sense that “universal reality has an expanding and always relative meaning on the ascending and perfecting levels of the cosmos” (TUB 130:7.7).
To live a life with meaning—Why?  Because: “If there is no survival of eternal values in the evolving soul of man, then mortal existence is without meaning, and life itself is a tragic illusion.” (TUB 111:3.7)
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